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Please refer to your program policy, of which has been emailed in your booking email.

Upon booking + payment, you agree and have agreed to the following:



Skate With Cass's private lessons are not run through the city. There are no skate rentals and all equipment is provided by the parent or legal guardian. Please refer to our policy about cancellations & rescheduling. There are no refunds or makeups for any missed classes unless canceled by SkateWithCass. All programs have a "complete by" season. The company (Skate With Cass), their instructors, the arena, or the city will not be held responsible in any way for any possible injuries that could occur during the activity. A registration form is due for ALL programs (both Ice Skating and Rollerblading) at least a week before your class. This is to confirm your attendance, as well as review any medical conditions, skills, and emergency contacts. If this form is not received, your classes will be canceled with no makeup or refund. Our team does our best to accommodate with late Participant Form submissions, however if not received at least 48 hours before your scheduled class, the class will be cancelled due to the terms above.


By registering and submitting payment for classes, you agree to the above and all terms + conditions listed within our policy.


Classes range between 30 minutes - 60 minutes at maximum. Students with under 10 skills can attend a class with a max of 40 minutes in timing. All ice skating classes expire at the end of the registered season + year. There are NO makeup classes. A missed class is simply a missed class, and no makeup options will be offered. Classes that you’re unable to attend cannot be transferred over to another individual - which includes family members, friends, or guests. If more than 2 classes are cancelled with under 24-hours notice, all remaining classes are terminated without refund.



This program does not allow any reschedules or makeups. A missed class is simply a missed class. Classes must be attended on a weekly basis.


This program allows makeups or reschedules when cancelled 48 hours prior to your class date. A reason does not have to be provided, however, we do have to be notified. There are NO makeups or reschedules for classes requested to be changed under 48 hours, or due to no attendance or circumstances that may cause no attendance. This program is perfect for you if you have an upcoming vacation and you need to skip a week, don't feel like coming the upcoming week, or are feeling sick! 

Seasons follow as such:

WINTER: November 15 - February 27

SPRING: March 1 - May 31

SUMMER: June 1 - August 31

FALL: September 1 - November 14

Unfinished classes that have not been competed by the end of the season then expire. If the registrant has completed under 75% of their classes, they can attend classes for the number of weeks remaining until the end of the season (EG. 2 Saturdays remaining in the season, 2 classes are able to be completed.).


Classes are a maximum of 30 minutes in length. All rollerblading programs with unused classes expire by the end of the registered season + year. There are NO makeup classes. A missed class is simply a missed class, and no makeup options will be offered. Seasons follow as such:


SPRING: April 1 - May 31

SUMMER: June 1 - August 26



All ice skating classes purchased within January 2020, to April 1, 2020 must be completed by May 1, 2022, otherwise they will expire. Unused Ice Skating classes purchased December 31, 2019, and prior to have now expired and cannot be scheduled/re-scheduled.

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